liveaboard raja ampat, KLM Pindito

KLM Pindito - 40M
Raja Ampat & Komodo Liveaboard, Irian Jaya

For those of you who have had the opportunity to cruise and dive with KLM Pindito, aboard her very successful operation in the Maluccas and Irian Jaya, you will be pleased to know that she is presently operating out of Benoa Harbor on the Island of Bali, doing a great 11 day roundtrip Bali-Bali program, visiting Lombok, Komodo and the Moyo National Park.

Edi Fromenweiler, the owner and operator of Pindito, has prepared his crew to provide the highest standard of service on this competitive sector.


The special dive sites that Pindito visits have been selected with great care to ensure some of the best dives in this area. With the Komodo National Park now gearing up for implementation of a new water sport usage fee, this is the time to visit this World Heritage site.

Pindito is fully air conditioned, with private facilities in each cabin and the food service aboard this vessel is as good as you will find. Pindito's dive equipment is maintained as you would expect when cruising aboard a truly professional owner/operated vessel like this one.

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